October 15, 2015 – Thursday – Joe Wheeler State Park Marina – No Travel

The Rendezvous continued with a hosted breakfast followed by 1.5 hour sessions on the TennTom to Mobile, Mobile to Tarpon Springs and then Tarpon Springs to the Keys. A lot of information was shared about anchorages, marinas and navigational issues. This information along with all that we already have on board should help us see and do as much as we would like along the way.






More AGLCA flags

More AGLCA flags

In mid afternoon a crawl to the town of Rogersville was provided through a shuttle on a big yellow school bus. We did this as I had not been able to get rid of my engine oil at the marina so found an auto parts dealer in Rogersville who would take it. The driver took us right to the auto parts store so carrying the three gallons of oil plus a plastic sack with the filter, oil blankets and oily paper towels was easy. Vicki was able to go from boutique to boutique along the main street of town until it was time to find dinner. We had to wait at the restaurant to be seated and then the waitress was so busy she didn’t get back to us in time to take our dinner order before we had to go so we ended up not eating after all.

The reason we were in a hurry is that we had purchased tickets to hear “Fathers and Sons” play at the “Gin Mill”. This was a band from Muscle Shoals that had been back up players for many famous singers. They seemed to be quite good but it was hard to tell. As is usual in todays world of music concerts the electronic amplifier ruined the concert for us. The music was so loud that it was distorted to the point where nothing was clearly discernable. Words, notes, instruments, all were unintelligible. Of course it didn’t help that the venue had zero acoustical treatment. We have now decided that we will never again purchase tickets to an event of this nature. All it does is frustrate us so is a waste of money. The thing that is beyond our comprehension is why we seem to be the only ones that have a problem with this. Is our old hearing so acute that we are the only ones effected in this manner?

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