October 8, 2015 – Thursday – Panther Creek Anchorage to Florence Harbor Marina – 38.2 statute miles traveled

We had nearly 40 miles to go today so planned to leave at 0700. The anchor was buried completely including the shaft so it took driving forward over it to break it free. We were on our way by 0658.

The further along this stretch of the Tennessee River the greater the current. This seems to be the case on all of the rivers as we approach a dam. The last few miles we were bucking a two mile per hour current.

We pulled into Florence Harbor Marina to find Sadie Too and Gemini were already there. Spiritus was a new looper boat to us. The gals running the marina were very nice and accommodating so it is a good place to stay other than the fact there is only one shower for all the transient boats.

We borrowed the marina loaner car to go into town for a few things. The cars DC outlet was defunct so we couldn’t use Maria (our Garmin GPS navigation) but made it where we wanted to go by using our phones. Amazing electronics of today.

By now it was over 90 degrees in the cabin so we cranked up the air conditioner and got relief in short order.

The Fuscos arrived around 1845 hrs. and after visiting on the boat for awhile we all went to the “City Hardware” restaurant to visit and have dinner. It was a long dinner and we caught up on a lot of things before returning to the boat.

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