October 21, 2015 – Wednesday -Goat Island Anchorage to Goose Pond Marina – 26.9 statute miles traveled

What another great anchorage! It was a peaceful night – until! At 0400 there was a bang. What was it? At first I though perhaps a fish hit the side of the boat. Then, a little more awake, I wondered if we had drug anchor and were hitting something. I got up and turned on some light. Looking in the head I discovered a smell that was pungent and not pleasant or normal. Upon further examination I discovered that one of the caps on the abandoned Electroscan device was missing and there was a small amount of effluent sprayed over the cupboard and sidewalls where the Electroscan device was located.

While I thought that enough water had been run through the system to flush out the waste therein apparently this was not the case. It seems that methane gas had built up inside to such an extent that it finally blew off one of the caps that had been installed to isolate the system. (For further explanation see August 18-20) The explosion sprayed a cup of so of nasty stuff that needed to be cleaned up. Vicki and I worked on this until about 0500 and finally felt we had it dealt with. Then it was back to bed until sunup.

We made ready to pull anchor at 0800 but discovered that the anchor chain was covered with mud so it took a little while longer to clean that off and get under way at 0810. What a beautiful day for cruising! In about four hours of idyllic conditions we arrived at a very narrow and shallow entrance to Goose Pond Colony Marina. Snaking out way through the channel we encountered at least four fishing boats that were reluctant to give way and move out of the 30 foot wide channel. Our depth sounder was reading right around four feet so we knew were just barely floating above the bottom.

The folks at Goose Pond Marina were very nice and soon we were moored right next to another 32 ft. Grand Banks. It turns out the couple that owned the boat were 83 years old and were still cruising. What a great example! We had fun talking to them and telling war stories.

Another Grand Banks 32 (on the right) that has already done the Loop.  The owner was 84 YO.

Another Grand Banks 32 (on the right) that has already done the Loop. The owner was 84 YO.

After settling in we took the marina loaner car into the town of Scottsboro to do provisioning at Walmart, Auto Zone, TSC Tractor and Home Depot. It sure is nice that some marinas provide this service. The rule is to fill the fuel tank when finished. In our case we had a hard time getting a gallon of gas into the tank.

We stored all of the new provisions and relaxed aboard reading and napping until time for chart hour and then a walk to the “The Docks” restaurant where we ordered Fried Green Tomatoes and Shrimp and Grits. Wow was that yummy! We enjoyed a nice evening watching the sunset across the Tennessee River while eating food to die for.

Back to the marina and the normal evenings activities before hitting the rack.

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