November 2, 2015 – Monday – Cotton Springs Anchorage to Midway Marina – 19.6 statute miles traveled

Soon after sunrise we headed out of the bay for the short run to Bay Spring Lock. We waited about 15 minutes for the lock to open and then Sweet Sensation, Namaste and Sea To See went in. Before the doors were closed Gemini and Blue Haven showed up and we all locked through together. This was a drop of 84 feet so it took awhile but was a nice smooth ride.

In another 5.2 statute miles we all arrived at Sonny Montgomery Lock and enjoyed another drop of 30 feet. Then it was another 8.3 statute miles to the John Rankin Lock where we dropped another 30 feet. Gemini and Blue Haven went on ahead while the other three boats traveled together the 7.4 sm to Midway Marina by.

We snuck in through the shallows (about 5’) and found a tired marina with very nice folks running it and all of the amenities. We put our name on the loaner car list and did boat chores and wrote on the blog until our turn to run into the town of Fulton, Mississippi. It was another run to Walmart for provisioning. Vicki keeps commenting that we have visited a Walmart more on this trip than in the rest of our lives but when you have limited time it is a place where you can find nearly everything on our lists.

While we were gone from the marina at least five more looper boats arrived. We had previously seen all but one of them. There is this concentration of looper boats as we all are trying to get to the Gulf by mid November to mid December and because the number of marinas and anchorages is limited. Sum Escape, Grand Baron, LeeLoo, Sea Moss and Valor were all there along with the three that came in with our group.

Finally there was a strong enough wifi signal to post to the blog so I spend the evening working on that.

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