November 6, 2015 – Friday – Windham Landing Cut – Off Anchorage to Tombigbee Oxbow Anchorage – 20.7 statute miles traveled

Daily oil check is a morning ritual before firing up the Ford Lehman 120.

Daily oil check is a morning ritual before firing up the Ford Lehman 120.

We weighed anchor at 0715 for a pleasant cruise down river to the Heflin Lock at MM 266.0. I radioed ahead when we were about 2.5 miles out and was told by the lady lockmaster that it would be between 30 and 40 minutes before the lock was turned around so we could enter.

We slowed down to half speed and arrived at the lock with less than a 10 minutes wait. This drop was a very smooth and easy 36 feet. We were the only boats in the lock.

As soon as we got out of the lock we turned a corner to starboard to go up into the Tombigbee Oxbow Anchorage. Water coming over the Heflin Dam was still coming down this channel so there was a nice current to hold us in place. I tried anchoring on the Left Descending Bank but the anchor did not hold well so we went across to the Right Descending Bank on the inside of the river bend and found a depth of about 15 feet with mud bottom where the anchor held well even backing down on it with 1/3rd throttle and the current.

After lunch we put the dinghy in and took a slow ride up the oxbow and around the corner where the bridge and dam was located. The riverbanks looked wet but it was mostly the angle of the sun shining on the clay and rocks. We noticed the current had picked up considerably since we had anchored but was still under 1.5 mph.

The afternoon held sun, clouds, rain, thunder and dropping temperature. The Namaste crew came over for Chart Hour as we had put our dinghy back up. They left before sunset (which is early – around 1700 hrs now) so they would have time to take Sammy to shore. Just when they left Sea To See it started to rain so their exercise was a wet one.

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