November 7, 2015 – Saturday – Tombigbee Oxbow Anchorage to Demopolis – 49.7 statute miles traveled

It was an incredible night of rain. It started raining at about 1800 yesterday with medium density but around 0100 this morning it became a deluge and this continued until around 0400. JoAnn heard the lock master at Heflin Lock talking on the radio and she said there had been 3.1 inches fall overnight. That seems about right to me.

The rain was so heavy and constant that I woke up around 0230 and began to wonder about conditions on the Oxbow where we were anchored. With this much rain would the dam above us be releasing more water thus significantly increasing the current? Would water levels rise changing the scope of the anchor rode? Would debris be coming down the river crashing into the boat or getting hung up on the anchor rode? Not having experienced this situation before I realized I had an information deficit.

Fortunately, being so close to the lock and dam, we had a strong 4G/LTE signal. I did some research lying in bed to determine protocol for a situation like this. The weather and river sites showed data indicating there should be no immediate problem so I rolled over and went back to sleep.   Neither Vicki nor I slept soundly, however, with the rain pounding so hard on the cabin top.

The forecast was for more rain but it looked like as we continued south down the river we might just get to the edge of the rain pictured on the radar. We pulled out at 0633 after Jim from Namaste had performed his morning duty of taking Sammy ashore to do what dogs do. It continued to rain for the first hour and then we got intermittent showers. After about three hours the rain stopped and the rest of the trip was just overcast.

We kept truckin for seven hours and arrived at the Demopolis Yacht Basin where we took on 88.158 gallons of fuel and pumped the holding tank. I was pleased to find that with all of the travel down stream we had been making 4.49 miles per gallon since the last fueling. Not as good as Namaste but still pretty good.

We were assigned slips at the marina and for the first time ever in our history we had a slip undercover. Sea To See has an air draft of 20’ 2” but the covered moorage roof edge was 24’ so we slipped right in. We were pleased to be able to do this as the forecast for then next couple of days was for more rain.

SEA TO SEE parked inside for the first time on the trip.

SEA TO SEE parked inside for the first time on the trip.

With 24' of clearance it was easy to put this 20' 2" mast under cover.

With 24′ of clearance it was easy to put this 20′ 2″ mast under cover.

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