November 10, 2015 – Tuesday – Demopolis – No Travel

This was another day of waiting on the rain and getting things done on the boat. I used the wrenches purchased yesterday to tighten the packing gland on the Stuffing Box till it was dripping about once every three seconds. It sure slowed down the cycling of the bilge pump.

My throttle cable on the Morse Controls had been sticking so I did the best I could to oil the ends. This may have helped marginally but I am guessing if the problem continues to grow it will be necessary to replace the cable all together. I went on line to see if anyone knew how to lubricate a Morse cable and while there were several suggestions as to how this might be done the general concensus seems to be that when they start sticking it is easier and better to buy a new one.

I scrubbed the entire exterior, filled the water tank, checked the oil and we are ready to resume our journey tomorrow morning. We had pot luck dinner on the covered roof of the marina building with Namaste providing the main course and Sea To See a side dish. We were joined by the “Norne Gaest”crew after dinner for story telling.

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