November 11, 2015 – Wednesday – Demopolis to State Hwy 10 Bridge Anchorage – 51.7 statute miles traveled

We woke up prepared to cast off at daylight so called the Demopolis Lock prior to that time to find out when we could lock through. It turned out that there was thick fog not only in the marina but down the river and through the lock. The Lockmaster said he would not be locking anyone through until the fog lifted so we had to sit and wait.

Finally, at about 0930 he called to say he would lock us through. There were seven looper boats all wanting to lock through so a parade was formed as everyone pulled off the docks and we all motored single file the three miles down river to the lock. The fog had not completely lifted yet but the visibility was good for more than a quarter mile so all was well.


Rapids below the Demopolis Dam and Lock

Demopolis Lock at MM 213.4 has a vertical drop of 40’ feet and 10 floating bollards. There was a bollard for each of us and the ride was smooth. Out the bottom we came and the fast boats went first followed by two sailboats and us.

It was an uneventful but enjoyable day with overcast skies going down the river. We had planned to try to go the 71 miles to an anchorage called Bashi Creek. With the 2.5 hour delay due to the fog there was no way we were going to make that distance before it was dark. We settled on an alternate anchorage along the riverbank just below the Alabama Highway 10 Bridge (MM 164.6). We felt it was sufficiently behind the bridge abutment that tows would not run us over.

As we had traveled with Norne Gaest as well as Namaste the three of us line up with Sea To See furthest downstream from the bridge. As there was a significant current the boats were held in line with bow upstream but we wanted to be sure if the wind came up we would not be blown into the channel so all put out stern anchors. I didn’t want to dig out our auxiliary anchor that was buried behind a bunch of stuff in the starboard lazerette hatch so threw out two hefty mushroom anchors, one on each side of the stern, hoping this would be sufficient. We all settled in for the night on our separate boats.

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