November 12, 2015 – Thursday – State Hwy 10 Bridge Anchorage to Bobby’s Fish Camp – 43 statute miles traveled

I woke up at about 0310 because sounds on the boat had changed. There was wave action and the waves were slapping on the side of the boat. I crawled out of the bunk to have a look and found that the boat was sideways in the river and the wind had picked up from the south. I wondered whether the wind would blow me around so my stern was pointing up stream so sat and watched the tree shadows on the bank relative to the mast and boom. The change was slight but the boat never went past a certain point. Apparently the mushroom anchors were holding enough to keep the boat from blowing around. This was nice to know as Namaste was anchored up river from us and her stern anchor seemed to be holding the boat in line with the river. As it was dark out I was determining all of this via shadows cast by the lights from the bridge.

By about 0345 the wind died down and the current was enough to align the boat with the river again. I decided, before I went back to bed, that I would check the AIS to see if any tow traffic was headed our way. Sure enough two tows were headed our way coming upstream. I called each one on vhf to let them know we were anchored on the side of the river below the bridge and they said they would look out for us. With that I headed back to the V berth to catch some more sleep.

We were off the anchor at 0807 and headed down stream for another nice day on the river. By 1345 we had arrived at the much talked about “Bobby’s Fish Camp”. All the material on the Tenn-Tom Waterway mentions Bobby’s Fish Camp as the only stop in the lower half of the waterway other than anchorages. It is touted as a “must stop”.

We found that the 150’ of dock space was one third on the gas dock so not available for mooring. The other 100’ already had two forty something foot boats tied to it so there was no space available. It seems rafting is the norm here so we pulled alongside one of the boats and they helped us tie up. While Namaste was getting fuel another boat arrived and rafted alongside the second boat. When Namaste was finished fueling she rafted onto our starboard side making three boats abreast. By the time it was evening there were seven boats rafted together. Veerrrrrrrryyyyy interesting!


Waterfront Decorations at Bobby’s Fish Camp


A “one of a kind” stop along the Tombigbee – Blackwater River Waterway

The restaurant is highly touted too so we decided to go there along with the people from all of the other boats. They were famous for catfish so that is what I ordered while Vicki ordered crab cakes. The crab cakes were very dry and not nearly as tasty as Dungeness crab. The catfish was dry, cooked to a crisp and full of bones making me wonder whether I should ever order catfish again.


Rafting three deep at Bobby’s Fish Camp

We found that the cost for moorage was still $1.50/foot even though we were not on the dock and did not have electricity. They advertised restrooms and showers but we found one toilet and one shower total. All in all our experience at Bobby’s Fish Camp might have been one that “you shouldn’t miss” but surely not one that needed to be repeated. Ever!


Yard Art at Bobby’s Fish Camp

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