November 14, 2015 – Saturday – Three Rivers Anchorage to Big Bayou Canot Anchorage – 49.1 statute miles traveled

With a 0705 departure we had a long day again cruising down the river to our next anchorage. We passed several tows and had a boost of about 1.2 mph so we made good time. At one point we even had a boost of 2.2 mph – whoopeeee!

Big Bayou Canot is a nice channel about 150 or so feet wide. It is at MM 16.6 so there is some tidal effect from Mobile Bay here. The channel winds around an island so the primary current is still in one direction. We anchored in the middle of the channel and set a fore and aft anchor again. This was done by setting the bow anchor and letting the boat drift downstream putting out about 150 feet of rode. We let the boat settle and then put the stern anchor out and pulled the boat back up stream for about 60 feet. Both anchors were well set in about 11 feet of water.

After settling in we discovered that this channel was a favorite of fishing boats and since it was a Saturday there were plenty of them. Many of them, being the fast variety, they found it great sport to go by Sea To See about 15 feet away at maybe 50 mph. Actually this wasn’t to bad as at that speed they did not throw much wake.

Chart hour was aboard Sea To See where we celebrated the arrival of Jim and JoAnn’s new grandson.

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