November 15, 2015 – Sunday – Big Bayou Canot Anchorage to Dog River Marina in Mobile – 31.9 miles traveled

We planned to raise anchor at 0700 so I decided to drop back on my stern anchor and pull it up at about 0630 so I would be ready with the bow at around 0650. We dropped back the necessary amount but found that the anchor line was still so taut I could not budge it. While the current was still going the same direction apparently the tidal change had effected the direction of the current so it was moving at a different angle than when the stern anchor was put out. Now the pressure on the boat was such that it was being shoved across the channel stretching both anchor rodes to the port side. I thought maybe turning the rudder might drive the boat across the current to the other side but this did not work. I tried using the bow thruster but it wouldn’t move boat against the sideways current. What to do?

I thought maybe I could untie the stern anchor and put floats on the rode so I could retrieve it after getting the bow anchor up but discovered the bitter end was so well tied in the chain locker that I didn’t want to undo it unless as a last resort. Maybe I could put the dinghy down and then release enough rode on the stern anchor to be able to get slack to go over that anchor and raise it. Before doing this we apprised Jim of our situation and since he had his dinghy in the water he was able to come over and pull the anchor in this manner. Even so, the stern anchor was dug in so well that he had to use the floatation of his inflatable to force it out of the mud.

Finally we were off and running. It wasn’t far until we were going through down town Mobile on the Mobile Canal. The buildings of Mobile are not all that impressive as there are only three high rises. The waterfront, however, is quite impressive with a lot of activity. Not only was there a lot of fleeting of barges going on but there were ocean going freighters moored alongside wharfs, ship building operations, floating dry docks and fascinating military ships to see. Unfortunately I failed to take any pictures.


Mobile skyline from Mobile Ship Canal – a fascinating waterfront that I failed to take any pictures of.  

Mobile Bay is very shallow everywhere but there is a main shipping channel dredged north and south. We took this for several miles to where it meets the 100 foot wide channel that is 7 feet deep leading to Dog River. We passed three other boats coming out so had to be careful to give them room and still stay in the channel. There was a 10 mph NE wind blowing across the bay putting wind waves on our port beam.

Namaste went to Turner’s Landing where there mast was waiting to be re-stepped. We went to Dog River Marina next door where we stopped at the fuel dock for diesel and a pump out. We moored in their transient area where there were several other looper boats, none of which we had seen before. I launched the dinghy to explore the area and to go to Turner’s to see if the masts were ready for installation.

That evening we all walked to the Mobile Yacht Club for dinner to find it was closed on Sunday night. We went back to our respective boats and took the dinghy’s across the river to the Grand Mariner Restaurant where we celebrated our completion of the Tennessee – Tombigbee Waterway.


Grand Mariner Restaurant on top floor – the best Shrimp and Grits!

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