November 16, 2015 – Monday – Dog River Marina – No travel

This was another chore day. I arranged for the Dog River Marina yard to change the packing in my propeller shaft stuffing box so I would know its condition and control the drip. After tightening it last time it quickly started dripping almost as before so I assume the packing needs to be changed.


Mooring where there is tidal action again (only about 1.5 feet) and no floating docks.  These fender boards were made way back in Croton on Hudson for use in locks and for this purpose

It was time to call the insurance company to get the Florida/
Gulf rider attached and paid for. It was also time to get a prescription filled here by coordinating with my doctor on Orcas.


Fixed dock on pilings in the Dog River

The big project for the day was to delete the current charts from the Navionics US and Canada CF memory chip and then to load all of the charts needed from Mobile Bay for the rest of the trip around Florida and up the East coast. There had not been enough memory on the card to put the entire trip on to begin with. This time there was room to finish the trip and even add Long Island Sound, Cape Cod and to Boston should we somehow put this on our agenda.

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