November 8, 2015 – Sunday – Demopolis – No travel

Having arrived in Demopolis on a Saturday night and this being Sunday the small Enterprise office was not open. We wanted to rent a car and go visit one of Vicki’s High School friends that lives in Meridian, Mississippi. This is about a 50 mile drive from Demopolis.

We were waiting until Monday morning to do that so decide it was time to do boat chores. Our bilge pump had been running too often lately and we knew it was because the packing around the propeller shaft inside the stuffing box was not compressed enough to slow the infiltration of water to a desired slow drip. I checked the tools on board but none of the wrenches opened wide enough to use on the stuffing box compression sleeve or the retaining nut. I tried to borrow wrenches from those around me but no one had what I needed.

I then tackled one of the chores I tend to put off. That is changing the oil absorption blankets in the catch pan under the engine. While this old Ford Lehman 120 was running like a top it continues to weep a small amount of oil when running. Over time this is enough to soak these blankets requiring a change. The challenge is to get them out from under the engine without dripping oil all over. I now have a process that works well and was proud to do the job with minimal dripping.

The rest of the day was as usual.

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