November 9, 2015 – Monday – Demopolis – No Travel

We had arranged for a rental car and they were to pick us up at the marina. This happened on schedule and we were soon at the Enterprise office filling out the paperwork. We expected to soon be on our way but it turned out the car was not ready and needed to be washed and cleaned so we ended up waiting around. I think this was because it was the first thing Monday morning and they had been closed for the weekend.

We were off to see Mary Meyers and her husband George in Meridian, Mississippi. On the way we passed a TSC Tractor store and I thought that would be the perfect place to find the wrenches I needed for the Stuffing Box. Sure enough, they had what I wanted at tractor prices instead of marine prices.

We found Mary’s house easily with the use of “Maria” our trusty portable GPS unit. It turns out that not only were George and Mary there but her sister Jan, who was two years ahead of Vicki and Mary in high school was there as well. Her husband Dean, and daughter Laura rounded out the party. Vicki, Mary and Jan had a great time reliving high school moments while I got acquainted with George and Dean. Laura was busy in the background preparing a delicious lunch. Jan, Dean and Laura come every year to spend time preparing meals for George and Mary to put in the freezer as Mary has MS and is confined to a wheelchair. We had a great three hours of getting acquainted and/or reminiscing with these folks before it was time to head back to Demopolis.


George and Mary Meyers, Ron and Vicki Montgomery

We stopped at a Winn Dixie before taking the car back to Enterprise where Jim and JoAnn picked us up with the marina loaner car. Then it was shopping at another Walmart, Pizza takeout and back to the marina lounge for dinner with the McFall’s.

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