November 17, 2015 – Tuesday – Dog River Marina – No travel

Even though the tidal range was only about 1.75 feet from high to low the wind began to blow from the east at 20 mph with gusts up to 39 mph. There is only one high and one low tide per day so the change is very slow. With the wind blowing like this the water from across Mobile Bay piled up in the entrance to Dog River such that it came up to the top of the fixed dock at high tide. It also came over the land so the parking lot was full and there was water in the marina shops and pretty much everywhere. There wasn’t much dry land around.

Vicki and JoAnn rented a car and took off for the day. They drove around Mobile Bay to the town of Fairhope where they “shopped” at all of the boutiques. The finished the day by going to a Spa and getting various treatments. They said they had a wonderful time.

While they were out I was able to update the blog and get new packing put in the propeller shaft stuffing box so it would quite letting water in at a faster pace than appropriate. I was also able to organize for a prescription of Allopurinol to be transferred to a CVS for later pickup.

When the women returned with the car at around 1830 Jim and I joined them for a trip to find a restaurant for dinner. We were not all that successful and ended up eating at the River Shack. Being the only customers in the place should have told us something about the quality. Oh well – it was food and we didn’t get sick.

In the evening a tornado warning was in effect until mid morning the next day. During the night it rained cats and dogs. This storm system going through is really something stretching from out in the Gulf of Mexico clear to Wisconsin.

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