November 18, 2015 – Wednesday – Dog River Marina – No Travel

It was still raining in the morning so we tried to sleep in as best we could with the wind and rain pounding on the boat. The rain stopped for a bit so I decided to put my crocs on and waded ankle deep through the parking lot to the marina restrooms. While inside the rain started again with a vengeance. I was wearing my rain jacket but everything below that was soaked by the time I reached the boat. Needless to say we are stuck in Dog River for a few days because of this storm that spans several days. We keep watching the wind and wave condition on the bay and it would not be a comfortable ride. Doing it in the rain on top of that just doesn’t seem advisable.


Tide was going down by the time I  snapped this picture but it was almost even with the top of the fixed dock about four hours earlier (3:30 AM)


The parking lot from the dock surface



This is the shower/toilet building.  Salt water is up to the first step so I waded through with my crocs on.


The tanker arrived to  fill the diesel tanks but gave it up and came back the next day.  Not sure I would want to buy diesel right now with possible water intrusion to the tanks.  Glad we bought fuel when we came in on Sunday.


More of the parking lot filled with salt water due to the strong east winds increasing the height of the high tide.

Enterprise had brought the car to the women yesterday an hour late so a deal was worked out where they could have the car for one day at half price or for two days for the price of one. They elected to keep the car for two days so we had wheels.

After spending all morning on the boat doing chores and reading while watching the wind and rain continue we all decided a field trip was in order. By the time we had finished this field trip we had gone to the movie “Intern”, stopped at a CVS (for the Allopurinol), a Rite Aid (for Flu and pneumonia shots) , a Walmart, a Costco and had dinner at a “Five Guys”. It was nice to spend some time off of the rocking boat and out of the rain and wind. When we returned the wind had died down some and the tide was out so the rental car could be driven through the parking lot and near the boat making grocery schlepping much easier than it otherwise would have been.

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One thought on “November 18, 2015 – Wednesday – Dog River Marina – No Travel

  1. Larry Weingarth

    Are we having fun yet? These are the things memories are made of. As the song goes, “let the sun shine in.” We also had very heavy wind and rain here on Tuesday. So you are not alone. Happy chugging.– Larry W


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