November 24, 2015 – Tuesday – Sabine Marina to Baytown Marina – 52.6 statute miles traveled

The day started by discovering the marina shower only had cold water. Of course this discovery occurred after I was in the shower getting wet and waiting for the hot water to show up which it never did. Then I went to buy ice out of a vending machine and when I pulled the plastic bag out of the hopper it caught on something sharp and ripped a big hole in the side. I had to carry the bag with the hole facing up until I could get it aboard the boat and into the cooler. When leaving the dock I retrieved the shore power cord and untied lines on port and starboard bow, port side around a piling, midship spring line aft and stern line. I then backed out of my slip about 15 feet to find that another spring line had not been unfastened from the dock so had to go back into the slip to retrieve that. Normal routines were interrupted so I forgot to check the engine oil until we were out of the marina and in the channel. I had to stop and drift while this was being done. So far the morning is off to a great start!

The wind was still blowing 15-20 mph out of the east. That is the direction we are going so we knew we would be taking it on the nose that is a more comfortable heading than on the beam. We decided to head out knowing we would have to go about 20 miles before the channel narrowed enough to reduce the fetch and reduce the wave height that was about 2 feet.

By the time we reached Choctawatchee Bay the wind had moderated considerably and the waves action was reduced so we decided rather than staying at Fort Walton as originally intended we would push on to Horseshoe Bayou and Baytown Marina. The dock assistant there gets off work at 1600 so we tried to make it in before this time. Unfortunately the best we could do was 1610 but he kindly waited for us and helped us moor, giving us all of the marina information before he left.

We were surprised to find that the Baytown Marina is part of a large high end resort and the huge marina was loaded with huge boats, many of which were ocean going fishing boats with high towers aboard. We were placed at the very end of the outer dock so it was a long walk to shore. When we finally got there we had to take a break so had a planning session at the sports bar before returning to the boat. It is nice that the night time temperatures are now back in the 50’s.


Sunset at Baytown Marina in Horseshoe Bayou, Choctawatchee Bay

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