November 27, 2015 – Friday – Panama City Marina to White City Free Dock – 39.9 statute miles traveled

When we got ready to cast off the lines at 0720 there was a fairly stiff breeze blowing us away from the little rickity fixed finger pier we were alongside. It was a challenge to untie all lines and get on the boat with my gimpy torn ACL leg but we arranged the final two lines so they could be cast off from the boat. Then the next challenge was to avoid getting pinned against two pilings on our downwind side while backing out. The bow thruster (cheater) was useful in this maneuver.

Once out on East Bay we had a small chop on our nose but nothing of concern as the fetch was not too great. East Bay is a large bay that has several dog legs but most were at angles to the east wind so we were in relatively calm water. At the end of the bay about 8 miles from Panama City we entered Wetapo Creek. This is truly a creek through the lowland swamp as there seemed to be very little shore and the trees along the edge were growing in the water. We met a few bass boats along the way and gave them a slow pass.


For some reason Wetappo Creek seemed to be the graveyard for quite a few boats.  This in one of many


Wetappo Creek shoreline


Wetappo Creek – a beautiful passage!


More derelict boats on Wetappo Creek

Vicki and JoAnn had picked out White City free dock as our next destination. On the charts it looked like a small indentation on the river bank but didn’t look like it held much promise. When we got there we found it larger than expected with plenty of dock space, restrooms, water and a short walk into the town. It did have two boat launch ramps that were being used frequently but the dockage we used did not interfere with that operation.

That evening Jim barbequed some chicken and brats and we had potluck in the pavilion with Ken and Jo from Friar Tuck and the Namaste crew.

FullSizeRender-3 copy

Pot Luck at White City Free Dock with Jo, Jim, R & V, Ken – crews of Namaste and Friar Tuck

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