December 8/9, 2015 – Tuesday/Wednesday – Clearwater Harbor Marina

Tuesday was dedicated to Ron’s knee issue. About two hours was spent at the Florida Ortho Surgeons filling out paper work, getting an x-ray and then consulting with the doctor. The prognosis was either and ACL tear, a torn meniscus or both. They were able to schedule an MRI in the afternoon.


ACL and/or Lateral Meniscus – Which one?

We had about three and a half hours to wait so we went the place where the MRI was to be done and tried to get in early. This didn’t work so we went to downtown Dunedin and had a lunch and then walked the shops for a couple of hours. The MRI took place and now it is a wait until a second appointment with FOS to find out the results. We are rooting for the torn meniscus concept as it is the easiest to repair. If it is the ACL we will likely opt to wait on surgery and continue as we have been.

It was great to have a car as Thursday Vicki had an appointment with an orthopedic spine doctor to look into her back pain. She has an osteoporosis condition complicated by scoliosis and had been enduring quite a bit of pain for a while. The news from this doctor visit was also positive as he gave her an anti-inflamatory injection, a prescription for anti-inflamatory drugs and perhaps most importantly fitted her for a brace to wear that assists her to stand and walk in a straighter position.

On Wednesday we drove to the Indian Rocks Holiday Inn to see if longer term moorage there would be a good idea. After talking to the Harbor Master we purchased a month of moorage with the thought that we could leave any time after eight days and still save money over short term rates. Vicki did laundry at the Johansons before we returned to the boat.


Egret on Clearwater dock.  These take bait fish in the water directly from the dock with their long necks.  

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