January 17/19 – Sunday/Tuesday – Salty Sam’s Marina – No travel

Another serious storm came up Sunday night and blew all day Sunday and Monday night. This storm too spawned a tornado that touched down in Fort Myers just a few miles from our marina.

We had tied the boat between pilings and the dock so it was protected from being against the dock. It bobbed around quite a bit in at least two foot chop at the moorage but rode the storm well. We did have some concern about Lydia that was moored behind us as the waves were hitting her broadside and she was bouncing up and down alongside the slip. Afraid that the fenders protecting her might jump up on the dock we tied a few more alongside and and tightened her line leading to the piling on the opposite side. Her crew was on Sanibel Island visiting the National Shell Museum so we called them for permission to adjust her moorage.

With the boat jumping around it was good to get off her and go watch the Seahawk/Panther game in the Caribbean Café. Unfortunately the Seahawks were behind 31-0 by the end of the first half and I was tired of watching unending commercials in order to see the few minutes of football. I left at halftime only to find later that the second half belonged to the Seahawks and they scored 27 unanswered points to almost pull off a win. It seems statistically they won the game in nearly every category but made a couple of unfortunate errors at the beginning that were too much to overcome. So much for the 2015/2016 football season.

On Monday, Marv, aboard Sadie Too, had a rental car and kindly took two others and me for a boy’s safari to West Marine, Harbor Freight and another marine supply store for odds and ends. We had to be back to the marina by a certain time as his wife Connie was going to take three other female crewmembers for a group pedicure.

While they were off doing that Jim and I took Namaste’s dinghy out of the water to clean the bottom. It is surprising how fast the barnacles grow. The dinghy had been towed the entire trip and had been in salt water since we entered Mobile Bay.

On Tuesday, our youngest daughter Vonni’s inlaws called to say they were in Venice visiting family and would like to drive down to see us if we were available. Of course we were available and delighted to see Don and Carol Sytsma. Jim and sister Natalie drove over for one last visit from Sanibel Island. Both couples arrived within minutes of each other so after visiting aboard Sea To See we all went to the Caribbean Café for lunch. A great time was had by all and it certainly was great to catch up with family.


Jim and Natalie Warren, Vicki and Ron Montgomery


Ron and Vicki, Carol and Don Sytsma


Ron, Carol, Don, Jim, Natalie, Vicki – reunion at the Parrot Bar and Grill


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