January 21, 2016 – Thursday – Rose Marina, Marco Island – No travel

Today we rented a car with the McFalls and drove to Everglade City. We contemplated going there with the boat but it is at least 15 miles off of our path to Shark River and since the weather was going to be blowing and the seas rough for the next couple of days we figured this would be a good source of entertainment and use of our time.

We spent time at the interpretive center on the border of Everglades National Park and then had lunch at the famous, not to be missed, Rod and Gun Club. This old and historical building has an old and historical restaurant with a staff that fit right in. Everyone was very personable, the food was good and you had to pay cash.


This is a modern truck compared to the vintage of the Rod and Gun Club


Vicki at the Rod and Gun Club in Everglade City – a small town in the Everglades on the National Park border.  Cash only for lunch (and everything else) here.  We ate on the veranda

We wandered back to the interpretive center where we had purchased tickets for an interpretive boat ride through the backwater channels. Our guide and pilot was Teddy and he knew his stuff. We learned more about “First Nation” people indigenous to the area, snakes, gators, birds, mice, fish and local history that we ever expected. What a great trip!


Interesting capsule of everglade geology


Vicki on Everglade boat trip in one of the larger channels before getting into the dense area.  There were six on the boat plus the captain.


Wildlife everywhere on the Everglade boat trip!


Captain Teddy was a wealth of information.  He didn’t really have a speal but responded to questions in detail.  


Channels through the Everglades became pretty dense such that there was barely room for the boat to get through.  


Where are the gators and pythons?


Ron, Vicki, Jim, JoAnn and two gals attending school in the NE.  We were dressed about right but I think the gals were a little on the cold side. 

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