February 1/7, 2016 – Monday/Sunday – Banana Bay Resort and Marina – No Travel


This was a day for boat chores, record keeping and enjoying the pool


The people off of the boats around us are very nice. When the sun is shining there is an early evening gathering on the point between the marina and the gulf. All are invited to stroll over and socialize.

Flint does weekend dock master duty for at least part of his moorage costs. He and wife Leslie live aboard their 26’ boat here in the winter and travel the country in their RV in the summer. Today Flint was generous in taking us to the Post Office and grocery store before we spent some time at the pool.


Front Office of Banana Bay Resort an Marina


After doing some record keeping chores, including ordering Vicki’s Valentines Day present, it was a pool day for me while Vicki walked down to Faro Blanco to have lunch with the McFall’s.

The big news of the day was our youngest daughter Vonni purchasing an airline ticket to come see us a week from this Friday. We are excited!


Today was just normal living chores and being lazy.


We had purchased a folding cart to use when we needed to walk to stores for provisions. It came from Amazon in just a few days and we were anxious to try it out. We walked to Publix for groceries but while there ran into Paul and Colleen, from another boat at Banana Bay, and they offered to take us back to the boat. We will try the cart out again later.

There seems to be some confusion between us and the Banana Bay Resort and Marina management. We feel that they just arbitrarily decided that we were on a daily marina charge for the first ten days we were here and then will allow us the monthly rate. We have been saying since the day we came in that we wanted to stay for at least a month so have expected all along we were on the monthy fee schedule (which is substantially less per day) from the beginning. The difference is over $500 so it needs to be resolved. The problem is the only one who can resolve it is a hotshot who refused to talk with us but basically says (to his employees) “that is the way it will be and if they don’t like it tough”. On the entire trip this is the first time we have run into this kind of attitude and treatment. It really isn’t necessary when reasonable conversation should be able to provide an acceptable agreement to both parties. We are frustrated but it appears the only option is to accept what is and move forward. They have already charged our credit cart for the amount they want.


This was a lazy day around the boat and the pool.


After lunch at the Hurricane Bar and Grille we walked down to Publix again with our new cart. We shopped and then Vicki pushed the cart back on the Gulf side of the Overseas Highway after crossing at the light while I walked to the local movie theater on the Ocean side of the highway. She says the cart works great!

I saw the move “The Revenant”. I was leery about seeing this movie as I had seen some reviews making me think it would not be my kind of movie. It was the only movie in town, however, so I decided to give it a try. I am sorry I did. In my personal opinion there is little about the movie to make it worthwhile. It is violent throughout and the survival tale is so ridiculous it is laughable. While it is supposedly based upon a true story this version cannot have much to do with the real even. If you have not seen it – don’t bother. It is a major waste of time.

In the evening we spent four hours at the Hurricane Bar and Grille partaking of their fare while watching the Superbowl. The end result was what we wanted so it was a good time. The patrons seemed to be about evenly split between the Broncos and the Panthers so cheering was equally raucous in both direction.

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