February 29/March 6, 2016 – Banana Bay Resort and Marina – No travel

Monday – 29th

Since we bought the boat the transom has shown signs of weathering. There was a good coat of varnish but underneath it was discolored. I have wanted to remedy that all along so decided it was time. I started out sanding with 100 grit paper but wasn’t able to make much progress. I then decided that the varnish would all have to be removed to get to the source of the discolorization. Out came the varnish remover. The first coat did a partial job so a second coat was applied and left to work overnight.

We had intended to go to hear a barbershop quartet in the evening with the McFalls. After finding out the tickets were $30 per person we decided to meet them at the Dockside Grill instead. There was a live band there called the Bil Krauss Show and the word was they were pretty good. As it turned out the band was composed of a guy and his uncle but they were pretty good and humorous too. They had an endless repertoire so could play requests without a problem.


Vicki being serenaded by Bil Krauss

At one point they asked if there were any requests and I yelled out something by the “Eagles”. They asked if “Hotel California” would be all right and then invited me to come up and sing with them. It was fun.


Ron singing with the Bil Krauss Show at the Dockside Grill


Dancing at the Dockside!  

During the evening Bil Krauss announced that there was an author in the crowd with books to sell.  We checked out the books, and since the description of the character depicted sounded very much like a “Third Culture Kid” we became familiar with while working in China, we decided to buy the books.  After looking further we realized the author is the daughter of Tom Neale who has been writing articles for boating magazines for years.  The book was quite interesting.


Melanie Neale – Author we met at Dockside Grill

Tuesday – 1st

After taking off the second coat of varnish remover the varnish was pretty much gone. I tried the 100 grit again but it would have taken forever to get the discoloration out so switched to 60 grit. This made the wood look like new!

After sanding with 100 grit again and then 180 grit and finally 220 grit the transom was ready for varnish. The first coat went on nicely but, of course, the wood was porous so it sucked that coat up.

It had been a fairly hot day with clear skies and working on the transom took most of the day so late in the afternoon, after cleaning up the job site, it was nice to be able to go to the pool and cool down.


Looper farewell dinner at the Marathon Steak and Lobster Restaurant


Wednesday 2nd

After the dew evaporated and the transom was dry a second coat of varnish was applied. It was another nice day so the afternoon was spent laboring around the pool.

Thursday – 3rd

The third coat of varnish made the transom look pretty good. I was pleased that the decision had been made to strip it completely and sand out the discoloration.

Vicki and I had some personal business to attend to so we walked to Office Depot to make copies of some paperwork and then to the Post Office to mail stuff. Then we stopped at Publix and Walgreens for other supplies and ice for the cooler. Our little folding cart is sure coming in handy to haul things.

Today is Vicki’s Birthday! Our daughters, Vonni and Rhonda had purchased a gift certificate to the Barracuda Grill for a birthday dinner. We met the McFalls and had an excellent dinner. This would seem to be the best restaurant in Marathon and perhaps the most expensive. Thank you to Rhonda and Vonni and so sorry you weren’t able to be there to enjoy it with us. Somehow I benefited from Vicki’s birthday.


Birthday dinner with the McFalls – Barracuda Grill – Great food and whole experience provided by two wonderful daughters – Vonni and Rhonda

Friday – 4th

A fourth coat of varnish was applied. Another walking trip for shopping and then we suffered another afternoon at the pool.

Saturday – 5th

Today was the fifth and final coat of varnish! The transom should be protected from the sun now for some time. We are pleased that the diesel exhaust is clean and the back of the boat does not get black soot on it as happens on some of the other boats we see. Now when the dinghy is down the transom will look good.


Transoms done – now it looks like time to work on the swim platform.

We got our exercise once again by walking to the retail area with our cart to conduct personal business and shop. It was cloudy all day so we sacrificed our daily visit to the pool and just relaxed aboard.

Sunday – 6th

It was another sunny day so we were lazy all day. The big event was barbequing steaks for the evening meal. We are eating well.

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