March 7-12, 2016 – Monday/Saturday – Banana Bay Resort and Marina – No travel

Monday – 7th

After putting the signboard that has our home port back on the transom (after varnishing) I got out the icemaker. We had purchased this prior to the trip and intended to use it with an inverter while under way. After discovering that it drew too much current for our little inverter we had stowed it. While under way it had seemed easier to purchase bags of ice when in port that would have been the only time we could use it with shore power. It is a 110 volt unit. As we were continually plugged into shore power it made sense to use it now and I should have pulled it out weeks ago. We found a handy place for it an turned it one. To our delight we found that it cranked out 8 ice cubes every 8 minutes and made a surprising amount of ice when running all day. This is enough to cool drinks and to keep the cooler in ice.

After all of this hard work we rewarded ourselves by spending the afternoon at the pool.


Part of the Banana Bay Resort and Marina where evening gatherings took place by all of the long term boat crews

Tuesday – 8th

Another nice day though the wind is blowing like stink again. It is out of the SE so the boat is calm but walking to the store is a struggle against a head wind. We pushed our cart down to Publix for some provisioning. While walking by the deli I spied a box of deep fried spicy hot chicken and it sure looked good. I walked by it at least three times and each time talked myself out of getting it as it was calories I didn’t need.


We became very familiar with this place over our six week stay

Finally, on the fourth time walking past I succumbed and purchased the chicken. It was almost noon so once we had made our purchases we went to a seating area in the store where I pigged out. This chicken was great – so much better than the Colonel makes.

The afternoon was spent enjoying the sun on the bridge deck and then going to the pool.

Wednesday – 9th

Another lazy day with sunshine and wind from the southeast. We took a walk to the post office to mail some income tax material. This is the same material we had mailed once before toward the end of February by registered mail. The post office could trace it to the doorstep of the tax office but the tax office swears they did not get it. Thus we were mailing it again.

We had to rest up from our mornings efforts by spending the afternoon at the pool.

Thursday – 10th

Way back in the winter of 2015 after purchasing the boat and while still on Orcas Island I fabricated a canopy for the cockpit to be used when the sun was too hot or it was pouring rain. We had never found the need to use it until today. Today was clear skies, sun with temperatures in the 80’s and wind still from the south east which is blocked by the vegetation around the marina. It was hot and muggy.

I decided to pull this canopy out and see how it works. It has ½” PVC pipe for battens and drapes over the boom. There are grommets for tie downs on the two sides and one each in the center to tie off to the mast and end of the boom. The concept of design was pretty good but I found that the execution left something to be desired. It would have worked pretty well but I miscalculated the flexibility of schedule 40 ½” PVC. The sides drooped more than I had expected and the PVC continued to bend, in the heat, as the day progressed. By late afternoon the sides were hanging all the way down to the rails and the tie downs weren’t doing much to keep everything taut. This system will need some modification to get it all to work properly.

We did sit under it for several hours and it surely made a difference in comfort. It was actually quite pleasant to sit under with the slight breeze.

Friday – 11th

We had a busy morning of chores. Vicki did laundry while I took the canopy apart and stored it. Then it was time to replace the oil blankets under the engine, check the transmission fluid, check the oil and check the coolant in preparation for out departure.

We took a walked to the fruit and vegetable stand just outside of our marina and then rested from all of our hard labor at the pool. It was another beautiful day with the wind still blowing strong from the southeast. We met for the usual chart hour with all the other harbor boaters on the point overlooking the water and sunset.


View of Banana Bay Resort and Marina pool from Ron’s favorite spot on the pool deck.

Saturday – 12th

After watching the weather for some time we have decided that we will leave the Marina on Sunday, March 13, to head east up the chain of Keys toward Miami. With this goal today was the time to do final chores before heading out.

I washed the exterior of the boat from top to bottom. We stowed things for travel. We took a trip, courtesy of Paul and Colleen and their car, to Publix for final provisioning.


One of Vicki’s favorite pass times!

And there was still time for a final dip in the pool.

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2 thoughts on “March 7-12, 2016 – Monday/Saturday – Banana Bay Resort and Marina – No travel

  1. Larry Weingarth

    When and where will your “loop” be closed, and when will you be heading home on Aeronaves de Orcas? Cheers and good adventures.



  2. Delaware Bay off the Cohansey River.


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