March 17, 2016 – Thursday – Las Olas Marina to Pelican Harbor Anchorage, north of Boca Raton – 22.1 statute miles traveled.

Largest Private Yachts” issues. The wealth goes on and on for miles. A little ways down the AICW we got a phone call. It was the Las Olas Marina Harbormaster asking whether we had forgotten to leave the electronic key card he had given us to get into the marina bathrooms. Red faced I admitted that I had forgotten and we told him we would mail it from the next stop

In the last two days we have cruised by more wealth than we can imagine. The sides of the channel are lined with mansions. We are not talking just ordinary mansions but huge mansions. I told Vicki that if we owned one of those I would want a Segway to get from one end to the other. As there are many branch channels off of the AICW some of these mansions are on the corners of the waterway so have two sides on the water. Some run hundreds of feet in each direction. Then, if that wasn’t sufficient, many have huge yachts parked in front. I have seen several yachts I recognize from the Power Boat Magazine’s “100


AICW channel with one of many house/boat combinations


These people have a long way to go to get from the house to the boat

Today we had to open five bridges and were able to cruise under four more. We timed our arrival so we didn’t have to wait more than a couple of minutes at any one bridge. We have found that when you are nice to them the bridge tenders are all very nice and wish us a safe cruise.

Vicki made a friend! A power boat of around 35 feet was coming at us at high speed and throwing a large wake. Vicki went out in the aft cockpit and waved her arms in the slow down gesture. The guy kept coming and as he went by gave us the shrug as if saying “what’s your problem” and maintained speed and wake. Then — about a quarter mile past us he turned around and came by us once again from the stern throwing the same wake. Not only was Sea To See tossed around on both occasions with things falling on the cabin sole that shouldn’t have been but the wakes reflect off of the concrete sides of the channel and come back at you multiple times. He churned up the waterway for at least 10 minutes. This, after the loud music at Miami Marine Stadium, leads us to believe that there is more than one narcissistic idiot in South Florida. Having enough money to buy a powerful boat doesn’t necessarily relate to having a functional brain.

We arrived at Pelican Harbor Anchorage to find that no one else was anchored in the basin. Using the chart plotter we moved to the exact center of the harbor and dropped the hook there. After backing down we felt certain we would not be drifting into anyone’s front yard overnight. There was nowhere to go ashore here as the entire shoreline was private homes and a retirement home so we just spent the nice weather relaxing onboard enjoying the sun and reading.

This is a great anchorage except: there is noise from trains, boats and planes, the wakes from the AICW come in through the entry and there is no shore access.

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One thought on “March 17, 2016 – Thursday – Las Olas Marina to Pelican Harbor Anchorage, north of Boca Raton – 22.1 statute miles traveled.

  1. Larry Weingarth

    Ron, I have never had any desire to see Florida or visit its denizens. Never would be too often. Enjoy the sun.



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