March 18, 2016 – Friday – Pelican Harbor Anchorage to Old Port Cove Marina, North Palm Beach – 28.9 statute miles traveled

We hauled anchor to learn that our CQR holds well in soft mud. Parts of the chain and the anchor came up with significant mud that took some effort to clean off before they were brought on board. We were not joined by any other boats so had been alone all night.

We were surprised to find there were no boats on the AICW for quite awhile in the morning. We must have traveled over an hour before we were joined by anyone else.

We found the Palm Beach Harbor to be very busy. Not only was there a boat show going on but it is home port for a myriad of mega-yachts. Then there is significant commercial traffic. It took us awhile to maneuver through the traffic and finally reach less congested waters in Lake Worth. Then it was an easy run to Old Port Cove Marina as long as we stayed in the marked channel.


Palm Beach with a few private boats.  

Today we went under seven bridges and had to open four. We only had to wait about five minutes at the Flagler Memorial Bridge in downtown Palm Beach.

Old Port Cove Marina is a fairly large marina that caters to boats from about 30’ to 100’. We pulled in to find we were clearly the only older classic boat here not to mention a woody. Half of the boats are ocean sports fishers with high towers on them. The people at the marina could not be nicer and it has full amenities including a pool and very nice restaurant. The marina has a courtesy van that will drive you where you want to go in the area. We took advantage of this to go to CVS, Publix and then to West Marine.


Nice marina with very pleasant staff

We had chart hour alone at the Sandpiper Restaurant as there are no other loopers in this marina. We returned to the boat thankful that the air conditioner had been on all day as it was very warm and muggy outside, so much so that we left the aircon on all night as well.

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