March 22, 2016 – Tuesday – Old Port Cove Marina to Faber Cove Anchorage – 50.1 statute miles traveled

We left the marina later than intended because we wanted to get ice before we left and they didn’t open until 0800. We were going to be on anchor for at least the next two days and wanted the cooler to be able to do its job.

It was cloudy but with light winds and no rain so travel was very comfortable. Covering 50.1 miles at seven to seven and a half miles per hour take awhile so we settled down for the long hall. The Indian River is a mile or so wide most of this stretch but the channel is the same narrow width so close attention needed to be paid to navigation. Staying in the channel is an opportunity in itself but moving over to either pass oncoming traffic or in order for overtaking boats to get by takes extra vigilance.

The channel going into Faber Cove is shallow in spots but Faber Cove is a great anchorage. When we arrived the anchorage was pretty much filled but we managed to find a spot between two other boats that provided adequate room to drop the hook. When everything settled we were a little closer to one boat than I like to be but we were still OK.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in our usual relaxation mode. In the middle of the night I got up to check things and found that we were even closer to the boat than before but I watched us both swing in the breeze for awhile and it was apparent we were going to be fine so back to bed for more zzzzzzsss.

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