March 25, 2016 – Friday – Titusville Marina to New Smyrna Beach City Marina – 33.8 statute miles traveled

Soon after leaving the Titusville Marina we were overtaken by another boat. Common protocol for courteous boater is that the overtaking boat call the boat to be overtaken to either let them know of their intentions or to ask permission to pass on a given side. This is important in all of these narrow channels. When the boat being overtaken has the name on the stern it makes this vhf conversation seamless as the overtaking boat can just call “ Sea To See, Sea To See, Sea To See, this is “Justice” and then the request. Now the boat being overtaken knows the name of the overtaking boat due to the introduction, so the conversation can flow easily.

Alec aboard “Alison Leigh” had overheard a conversation we had with an overtaking boat. Since he heard the name “Sea To See” he knew either we or another boat of the same name was out there somewhere. He gave us a call on 16 and we went to a working channel to catch up on each others travels. We had first met the crew of “Alison Leigh” clear back at the beginning of our trip in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Since then we have crossed paths several times along the way and it was fun catching up. I am guessing we will run into each other again before the trip is finished.

Today we didn’t have to open any bridges as the one bridge with seven feet of clearance was open and the other two were tall enough we could get under them.   There was enough population along this stretch heading into New Smyrna Beach that we had to reduce our wake at times. At one point a couple on a kayak with outriggers paddles as hard as they could to cross our wake and pull in right behind out boat (maybe 3-4’) where they could benefit from out wake draft. They continued to paddle enough to stay right there and drafted for about a mile up the channel where they peeled out and waved goodbye.

Upon arrival in New Smyrna Beach we had to call and find directions to the North Causeway Marine Services where we wanted to take on fuel.   It was right next door to the New Smyrna Beach City Marina and they did not have fuel so this was a good option. Fuel was only $2.10 per gallon and they deliver it directly from a tanker truck so you know the fuel is fresh and clean. We took on 142.2 gallons so still had 40% of the fuel capacity left even though we had not filled since January 12th at Sanibel Marina. We are pleased with the fuel economy of “Sea To See”!

Once fueled we pulled into a very nice spot in the marina on new floating docks. Vicki called Tom and JoAnn Thayer, friends who have a summer place on Orcas Island but a primary residence in New Smyrna Beach. We tidied the boat and soon they arrived to visit aboard “Sea To See”. We adjourned to a local coffee shop for awhile and then went to their condominium. Since we missed being on Orcas during this past summer we had not seen them for nearly two years.


Tom Thayer, Vicki and JoAnn Thayer at their condominium in New Smyrna Beach

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