March 26, 2016 – Saturday – New Smyrna Beach – No Travel

The Thayers had family plans to celebrate 80th birthdays today but kindly left us one of their cars for our use. Since we were close to the Kennedy Space Center and had never been there (when it was open) we decided to drive down the coast and take in this attraction. We didn’t arrive until almost noon but soon discovered that coming on a Saturday during spring break was not the most opportune time to be there. It was crowded. So much so that it took a half hour just to buy tickets to get in. Of course the center having only two ticket windows out of five open didn’t help.

We toured what we could including the rocket garden, the IMAX Theater and the bus tour of the launch sites. We had planned to have dinner at Aunt Catfish Restaurant in Orange Beach so had to leave earlier then we otherwise would have to go the 50+ miles back to South Daytona.

On the freeway we ran into perhaps the biggest downpour we have ever encountered. All traffic slowed to at least 35 miles per hour and many were pulling off onto the shoulder and stopping. Hail came down so hard I was sure the car was getting little dents all over it. Thank goodness this turned out not to be the case. The restaurant was everything we had remembered from a few years ago when we stayed at a time share in New Smyrna Beach. To much food but all good. Perhaps the best salad bar ever.

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