March 28, 2016 – Monday – New Smyrna Beach – No Travel

Vicki and I got up early so we could use the car to go get supplies at a Publix. We power shopped and made it back to the boat before our 9:00 AM meeting with Tom and JoAnn.

Today was a big day as we were going to be treated to a trip and tour of the Thayer’s Orange Grove in central Florida west of Orlando. The drive was a good time to chat and catch up on our friends, the Thayers. Tom stopped at a place that specializes in fried chicken and then we toured the orange “ranch”. JoAnn prepared a nice meal in the ranch house, we all took a short nap and then toured the ranch some more. Acres and acres of orange trees and some grapefruit. Sadly some of the grove has been compromised by an insect that creates a condition called “Greening”. There doesn’t seem to be any solution to this infestation and trees all over the country and other places in the world are being affected. It was fascinating to learn about the orange grove business and all of the other projects Tom had on his plate. In addition to growing oranges he is manufacturing irrigation systems, running a citrus seedling green house operation and a company that markets/wholesales CPAP equipment.


Pond at the Thayer Orange Grove Ranch


Thayer Orange Grove Ranch House


Fox Squirrel at the Thayer Orange Grove Ranch


Orange Grove at Thayer Orange Grove Ranch


Everything trimmer that trims vertical and horizontal

At the end of the trip back to New Smyrna we went to the Outrigger Restaurant overlooking the waterfront and then said our goodbyes to Tom and JoAnn. What a nice stay and great hospitality. They are much appreciated.

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