March 29, 2016 – Tuesday – New Smyrna Beach City Marina to Marineland Marina – 50.4 statute miles traveled

We were up before dawn and off the dock by 0655. There was enough light to see well but still necessary to use our running lights until sunrise at 0720. We cleared the North Causeway Bridge with a couple of feet to spare and then headed up the AICW Halifax River channel. Just as we made the turn to port into this channel we kissed the bottom for a few seconds. I was watching markers up ahead and had missed a bouy right in front of us and was on the wrong side of it. We quickly turned to port and slowly powered back into the channel watching the depth finders numbers slowly climb back to a comfortable depth. A comfortable depth is water we would panic in in the northwest. We now feel comfortable in seven feet of water.

Very few boats were coming toward us but several were heading north and as we are slow we were overtaken on multiple occasions. The current was against us so we were making only about 6.0-6.5 mph for a long while. The day was overcaste.

We pulled into Marineland Marina and met Eric. What a nice dock master! He helped us get settled in for the afternoon and evening. We just stayed aboard and enjoyed our time in a quiet harbor. Later in the afternoon “Plane To Sea” arrived, another boat we had seen at various times along our way starting up in the river system.

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