April 10, 2016 – Sunday – Skull Creek Marina to Lady’s Island Marina – 20.0 statute miles traveled

The wind was down and we were off the dock by 0755 for a short run to Beaufort, SC. We had learned that in South Carolina it is called beuuufort and in North Carolina it is bowfort.

Even with the wind down Port Royal Sound was not nice. First it decided to rain.  Then the wind waves were 2-3 feet in height and since we were going into it there was lots of spray during the five mile crossing. Being salt water boaters most of our lives we had become spoiled in all of the fresh water we had covered in the first part of our trip. When fresh water spray gets on the windshield it just dries up. When salt water spray gets on the windshield it dries to crusted salt all over. By the time we got off of Port Royal Sound we definitely had crusted salt all over.

DSC07115 (1)

Port Royal Sound was Not Nice!

We headed up the Beaufort River past Parris Island (home of the Parris Island Marine Base) and past the downtown area of Beaufort into Factory Creek. We went to Lady’s Island Marina and found a jewel. Facilities were average or above but the people were very friendly and before we had finished out stay here people had provided a ride into Beaufort and then came picked us up when we were finished, taken me to Walmart for a couple of tools needed on the boat and then given us a courtesy car to go to a Publix. In Beaufort we had chart hour at Hemmingway’s where we met several interesting folks and then we had a very nice dinner at Q.

We also discovered they had a nice shop with a full complement of woodworking tools and others that was available to anyone with their boat in the marina. Food for thought if we should keep the boat and bring it down the coast again next fall. It would be a great place to do boat projects.

We thoroughly enjoyed out stay at Lady’s Marina and wrote a thankyou note which was mailed back to them a few days later.

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