April 11, 2016 – Monday – Lady’s Island Marina to Tom Point Anchorage – 41.7 statute miles traveled.

When we got ready to leave Lady’s Marina we had a send off by several people we had met there. They made us feel like family and were surprised we would continue on instead of staying for a few days.

It was a short run to the Coosaw River which joins St. Helena Sound. We traveled about nine miles east on the sound toward the Atlantic but turned north into the Ashepoo Coosaw Cutoff just before the entrance. This took us to the Ashepoo River for a short distance before we went through the Fenwick Cut and into the South Edisto River. This led to the Watts Cut leading to North Creek and into the Wadmalaw River. Soon after entering the Wadmalaw we turned into Tom Point Creek and found a very nice anchorage. Todays course meandered all around and we went south as much as north but mostly east.

Tom Point Creek is in marshland as well so there is little wind protection but there is a very good holding bottom and the width of the channel is perfect to anchor with a 7:1 scope. Though the wind was blowing up to 15 mph at times the current was strong enough to keep us aligned with the channel most of the time and we were steady on the anchor. There are six foot tides here so the creek banks were covered or uncovered dramatically.

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