April 15/16, 2016 – Friday/Saturday – Ashley Marina, Charleston – No travel

The wind forecast for the next two days was calling for winds in the upper teens and gusting into the 30s. We decided to stay put until a weather window on Sunday

The marina had a shuttle service on demand and we got a ride to the Slave Museum where we spent the afternoon. The museum is in one of the buildings used to auction off the slaves and was full of artifacts from that period as well as information on the slave trade. For example, we found out that there was so much slave trade that the slaves brought to the USA were only 4.6% of the total and that much of the slave auctioning was resale.


Slave Museum in Charleston where slave auctions originally took place


An amazing piece of information

On Saturday we headed to the Charleston Museum and learned a great deal about early Charleston. They have not only a good chronological history with appropriate displays but they have many different kinds of collections including sea life, wedding dresses, pottery, medical equipment, etc.


This was an amazing and fool hearty endeavor!


The Hunley had no air system so time of use was limited to the amount of usable air originally inside.  It was human powered


Vicki reads nearly every caption at a museum.

We walked from downtown Charleston to the Hominy Grill as we had heard good reviews as a reasonably prices place to eat. Dinner there was excellent so we are glad we went there.

We returned to the boat to find it still rocking like crazy and we never did solve the mystery as to why.

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