April 4, 2016 – Monday – Fernandina Beach Marina to Morningstar Marina on St. Simon Island – 41.8 statute miles traveled

We decided to leave a little earlier than planned as the current was going to be against us most of the way. We used a spring line to get off of the dock in a strong current as there was a boat close behind us. All went well and we were on our way by 1120.

We soon crossed Cumberland Sound and headed through the quarantine area that is Kings Bay Navy Base. We did pass two patrol boats but they ignored us and we continue through the area without being stopped. We then headed into a very shallow area for awhile and then a long channel leading to St. Andrews Sound. At this point it is necessary to go out into the Atlantic for a short distance in order to get around a very shoal area in the middle of the Sound. The wind had picked up somewhat and it was on our beam so it was lumpy heading out of the sound but was on our stern coming back in on the north side of the entry

All was calm again as we rounded the southwest end of Jekyll Island and headed up the narrow and shallow Jekyll Creek. We had timed our arrival to be in the middle of a rising tide and all was well in the spots the guides had warned us about.

After crossing St. Simons Sound as the wind continued to build we arrived at Morningstar Marina at 1735. The dock master had saved us a spot with a side tie between a catamaran and another sailboat. As the wind was blowing us directly onto the dock all I needed to do was align the boat between the two boats and get blown right into the spot. The rest of the evening was spent in usual pursuits.

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