April 6, 2016 – Wednesday – New Teakettle Creek to Kilkenny Creek Anchorage – 36.4 statute miles traveled.

In some ways anchoring simplifies things. No power cords to retrieve or lines to unfasten from the docks. Just hoist the anchor and off we go. Of course all mornings require the routine of checking vital fluids in our trusty Ford Lehman 120.

Soon after leaving our little lonesome anchorage we were traveling east on Sapelo Sound for about seven miles before heading up the North Newport River and into St. Catherines Sound. We nearly went into the Atlantic on this sound and the current was against us about 2.7/2.8 mph before turning north up the Bear River that took us to Ossabaw Sound. Half way to Ossabaw sound we turned into Kilkenny Creek and headed toward the anchorage near a little village consisting of a marina, restaurant and not much else. As we rounded the bend to the anchorage we discovered that Elizabear was already anchored there.

There was a good wind blowing so we made sure there was plenty of space between us and Elizabear and put down a 7:1 scope in good holding ground. The anchor went down into mud again and held us well against not only the strong wind but another significant current of 2+ mph.

We launched the dinghy and went ashore to explore. This didn’t take long as there was very little there to see. The restaurant was closed for the days so dinner tonight would be aboard Sea To See.


Vicki on walk at Kilkenny Creek Anchorage

With the strong winds and current I did get up a couple of times during the night to check on things but all was well.

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