April 8, 2016 – Friday – Savannah Bend to Skull Creek Marina, Hilton Head – 28.0 statute miles traveled.

We passed through Elba Island Cut and into the Savannah River which is split at this point by Elba Island and Long Island down the middle. The southern section is shallow so had no traffic but the northern channel had several freighters and a large military vessel that we dodged as we crossed to Fields Cut taking us to the New River and into Ramshorn Creek. This ran into Calibogue Sound and eventually into Skull Creek on the west side of Hilton Head Island.


Container ship on the Savannah River getting in the way of Sea To See

When we pulled into Skull Creek Marina the wind was blowing strong from the south and there was a significant current from the same direction. . Fortunately for us we had room to turn the boat around in the fairway and dock starboard side to and have the wind and current push us right into the dock. Of course we were being pushed into the dock pretty hard so had to put out all of the fenders to deal with the strain.

Skull creek marina was very nice in all regards except it was not close to outside amenities. It was inside a gated community so we had to get a pass in order to leave the area to get to a restaurant. When we got to the marina parking lot we ran into a guy who offered to take us to the Skull Creek Boathouse Restaurant for lunch. This was another nice restaurant with Shrimp and Grits on the menu. We sat outside even though the wind was blowing with gusts into the 20s because it was a sunny day. We had to walk the 1.3 miles back to the marina but Vicki did very well and her back didn’t seem to slow her down much. Her back issue is sometimes much worse than others.


Vicki on Hilton Head walk to Skull Creek Boathouse Restaurant

Elizabear and Molly B., two other looper boats were at Skull Creek as well. They were both staying a couple more days waiting for boat parts to arrive. We all discussed our individual prognosis of the weather forecast and were in agreement that the wind was going to continue blowing like stink for the next day. When Vicki and I discussed our plans some more we decided that even though we had planned to continue on the next day it would be prudent to stay another day and let the wind diminish.

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