April 9, 2016 – Saturday – Skull Creek Marina, Hilton Head – No travel

We had made a good decision. Today the winds were blowing with gusts up to 35 mph from the south west and it was not nice even at the dock. As soon as we leave Hilton Head we will have to cross Port Royal Sound and it certainly would not have been calm today.

Vicki spent time on a rocking boat working on household accounting and I decided getting off of the boat would be desirable so was going to walk back to Skull Creek Boathouse Restaurant for some more Shrimp and Grits. Vicki decline the offer to accompany me.

I started walking thinking I would likely walk the 2.6 mile round trip but when a car passed me on the road I put my thumb out. Lo and behold the car pulled over and it was a very nice looking woman in a BMW convertible Z4 roadster. She rolled down the window but kept the door locked until she had determined where I was going and that I was not a serial rapist. She then unlocked the door and gave me a ride to the restaurant. All in all we had a nice conversation and she said she was glad she picked me up and took me directly to the restaurant.

As it was blowing so hard nobody was asking for outdoor seating at the restaurant. I once again ordered Shrimp and Grits and relished the experience. Upon returning to the boat (walking this time) I spent time reading in the cockpit, hanging onto the pages for dear life and enduring the bouncing around. Later in the afternoon I got a chance to talk to the people on Molly B. They had build their trawler over a period of 12 years. It looked to be well built and it was evident that almost everything aboard was custom built by the builder.

Tom and Jane invited the Sea To See and Molly B crews aboard for chart hour and then with another gourmet meal prepared in the galley of Sea To See by head chef Vicki thus ended the day.

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