April 17, 2016 – Sunday – Ashley Marina to Leland Oil Marina, McClellandville – 40.1 statute miles travel

We planned to cruise a greater distance today than usual so left Ashley Marina at 0700. The harbor was fairly calm and we had a very pleasurable transit through the shipping lanes and past Fort Sumter to the AICW and Sullivan’s Island Narrows. As we left Charleston Harbor we bunched together with three sailboats who had departed their moorings at about the same time and arrived at the AICW together. We ended up jockeying with each other for quite a few miles until individual boat speeds, all of which were very similar, sorted us all out.


Fort Sumter at the mouth of Charleston Harbor looking south east.

The tide at this time of the month was such that most of the rising tide was before dawn causing us to travel on a falling tide for most of this leg of the trip. As the day progressed we finally reached low tide so went very carefully in the skinny water of 0.3 ft. above MLW.

We eventually reached our goal of the small town of McClellanville and the Leland Oil Company Marina. This is a hole in the wall stop that doesn’t get many transcient boats stopping in. The Harbor is nicely protected but is mainly a port for a fishing fleet. The crusty fellow that showed us where to dock was very nice and kept calling me “sir” so often that I almost wanted to tell him to knock it off. I didn’t though as it was nice.


McClellanville fishing fleet on a Sunday morning

After getting settled Vicki and I took a walk along the waterfront through town but nothing was open as it was a Sunday. We did run into a mother and son working in the front yard and discovered that they were maintaining the old family home though they actually lived in Georgetown just north. She grew up in McClellanville and told us some of her family history there as well as invited us to visit her work site in Georgetown. Nice people.


Vicki on Sunday stroll in McClellanville, South Carolina

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