April 20, 2016 – Wednesday – Osprey Marina to Anchor Marina – 26.8 statute miles traveled

We left Osprey Marina at about 0830 on a high tide though it was falling. We knew we would be transiting the “Rock Pile” area along Myrtle Beach as well as several other shoal areas so wanted to make sure we had plenty of water. All went well and we arrived at North Myrtle Beach and the Anchor Marina.


Leaving the channel leading into Osprey Marina


Typical channel near Osprey Marina in South Carolina


South Carolina AICW channel (typical)

Anchor Marina was not what we expected. Even though it was in a little bay off the main channel the depth getting in was just barely enough for us to slide over the bottom. The docks were old and rickety and it appeared we were the only transcient boat there. The dock hand was most friendly and helpful however and he had a dog with him that joined in the friendly reception. So much so that I felt like I needed to wash the slobber off of my legs after we got settled in.

The dockhand took us a long way by golf cart to the marina office where we paid and gathered marina information. It turned out the bathrooms there were so far away we decided to use the ones in a restaurant that was closer to the boat. The dockhand took us back to the boat in the golf cart and then later in the day we walked back to the marina office where once of the office staff graciously took us to a grocery store and brought us back.

The dockhand gave us the keys to the golf cart to use overnight but we ended up staying aboard and not using it. The marina office wifi was so far away it was non-existent but they said we could use the restaurant wifi. It turned out that was non-existent as well but the LTE signal was strong so we could get weather and other information as needed.

This was an interesting stay but I suspect were we to come this way again we would pass this place up.

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