April 22, 2016 – Friday – South Harbor Village Marina to Harbor Village Marina in Hampstead – 43.8 statute miles traveled

Getting off the dock was a bit of a challenge as I untied the lines in the wrong order. I didn’t realize until it was too late that there was a strong current flowing bow to stern and I left the aft spring line and stern line in place but took the bow line and forward spring line off. This allowed the bow to go out and while the boat wasn’t going anywhere it was difficult to pull the bow back in and hold it until the stern line was released. Along came a guy just at the right time allowing me to climb aboard on the stern and then he released the stern spring line and we were off and running.

All that is written about Cape Fear can cause anxiety about the treacherous conditions. Today, however, everything was aligned in our favor. There was no wind so the water was nearly glass. We had an incoming tide so the current was up the Cape Fear River giving us a better than two mph boost much of the way. We made fast time for the 11 miles up the river and into Snows Cut. From there on we traveled in a large, long sound but behind a second set of barrier island so had continuing smooth water

After a 44 mile run we arrive at Harbor Village Marina (no relationship to South Harbor Village Marina) to find we needed to back into a slip against a strong beam wind. It was a challenge but with careful planning all went like clockwork and we were safely ensconced in a very nice slip. While the marina office was only about 200 feet from our boat unfortunately you couldn’t get to it without walking clear around the basin to get to it. This 3/8ths of a mile walk, each way, was good exercise for people who have been cooped up on a boat.

The harbormaster came out to get us with his golf cart so we could register and pay the moorage.   We arrived at the marina office to find I had left my wallet on the boat so I had to borrow the golf cart to go fetch it.

We were working on the boat when the shore power went off. Checking our system and that on the dock and then talking to fellow boaters it appeared our half of the marina had gone down. Even though the wind was blowing it seems more likely there must have been an accident that caused the outage. It was back on in about an hour and we spent a peaceful evening aboard.

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