April 23, 2016 – Saturday – Harbor Village Marina to Dudley Marina in Swansboro – 39.2 statute miles traveled

Five miles down the road we had a bridge that opens on the hour so we decided in order to make sure we made this we would pull off of the dock at 0645 for an 0800 opening. Not knowing what the current might be we thought we would give ourselves plenty of time. A few days ago we heard a boat get inside the half mile range just a couple of minutes late but the bridge tender told them they were too late and closed the bridge on them. We didn’t want this to happen to us.

Two sailboats had pulled out of our marina just after us for the same bridge opening. As it turned out we all had to slow way down as we approached the bridge and eventually I went in circles for a bit before the bridge was open. This was a swing bridge and cruising guides said it opened slowly and they were right.

The same two sailboats trailed us all day until we eventually pulled off the waterway to go into Dudley Marina in Swansboro, NC. Dudley Marina had one transcient – us. They were all most friendly and helpful and the facilities were very nice. They also had a very large boat supply store but the items I was looking for were not in their stock.


New Fixed Pier at Dudley’s Marina.  Lines must be ties such that the fluctuation of the tide does not tighten them but so the boat is held firmly at the dock.  Sometimes a challenge depending where pilings are.  Notice – no cleats.

After settling in we borrowed their courtesy car and went into Swansboro where Vicki was able to indulge herself with a haircut and pedicure. She seems satisfied with both. We spend a quiet evening aboard and seemed to be the only people in the marina.

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