April 26/27, 2016 – Tuesday/Wednesday – River Forest Marina – No travel

The wind wouldn’t let up and continued blowing with gusts into the 20s from the SE to the SW. We made the decision to ride it out at River Forest Marina even though we were totally exposed to the wave action being created and Sea To See was bouncing up and down. When the wind blew out of the SE we were blown off of the dock and when it blew out of the SW we were blown onto the dock. After rigging a fender board against a piling and then our larger fenders horizontally against two other pilings we were riding as well as could be expected.


Using fender boards we can spread the pressure out on several fenders while rubbing against a piling.  This is especially helpful when the wind is blowing you against the dock.  I used PVC pipe and it worked great!

Three other boats (Building Our Wings, Crash and Triple Threat) were basically stuck here with us so we all got to know one another. We shared chart hours and went to a restaurant on Wednesday night.


Crew of “CRASH” at the Spoon River Restaurant along with the crew of “Triple Threat”.


I ordered a flight of beer not knowing that the usual samplers would be about 6 oz each.  Yikes!

During the day was time to finally catch up on the blog after being about three weeks behind and doing some more laundry. We spent more time exploring Belhaven by golf cart.


Forest River Marina – our home for a few days waiting on weather/wind

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