May 1, 2016 – Sunday – Dismal Swamp Visitors Center to Atlantic Yacht Basin – 26.3 statute miles traveled

Since we were rafted alongside Distraction we needed to get off earlier than all of the other boats to head for the Deep Creek Bridge and Lock about 18 miles away. I tried to match the boat speed with the time and distance allotted so we would arrive just before the 1100 opening of the bridge and lock. When about a mile out I called ahead to find that they were locking a boat coming from the north and would be about a half hour behind schedule. There was room for two boats to tie up on a bulkhead so we pulled in and tied up. The next boat moored behind us and then the third boat rafted on them. The remaining three boats elected to hover in the channel.


Dismal Swamp in the morning.  Sea To See was in the lead of five boats today so we got all of the glassy water.  


Dismal Swamp


More Dismal Swamp as we passed from North Carolina into Virginia


Dismal Swamp on a cloudy day

When we got through we hurried to try to make the 1300 opening of the Great Bridge Bridge but knew it would be difficult as we had been so late getting through the Deep Creek system. Distraction was ahead of us and going to the Atlantic Yacht Basin as well. They called ahead and were told we would have to wait for the 1400 hours opening.

We were heading back south on another channel in order to go to the Atlantic Yacht Basin to check it out. This is where we had decided to leave the boat over the summer while we returned to Orcas so we wanted to complete the arrangements. It is a full service yard with a lot of covered in the water storage with enough height under the roof to accommodate our 20’ 2” mast. I also needed to change the oil while there so it was out intent to stay for two nights and then head north again.

When we finally arrived after getting through the Great Bridge Lock and the Great Bridge Bridge we were back in fresh water again. When we left the Deep Creek lock we had entered the salt water of Chesapeake Bay but Atlantic Yacht Basin is on fresh water side of the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal.

Just as we pulled under the covered moorage it began to rain and continued throughout the evening and into the night. We took care of all of our moorage arrangements; both short and long term, and then spent the evening relaxing aboard the Sea To See while parked in the “garage”.

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