May 2, 2016 – Monday – Atlantic Yacht Basin – No travel

This being a working day I checked first thing in the morning to see if it was possible to schedule an oil change through the yard. They were booked up for the day so that was put back on my list of things to do. I did the paperwork for the long term storage and then found that the nights I am staying now could be part of that monthly rate. Wow! I like $12 per day much better than $35 or $70 – much more the norm along the way. We will finish our Great Loop trip and then bring the boat back to store it from June 18 until some time in mid to late October.


Atlantic Yacht Basin on the canal.  The storage sheds are in a lagoon to the right.

We walked out of the marina to find that all kinds of stores were within easy walking distance. I walked to a hardware store to purchase the makings for a “trouble light” and some flashlight batteries while Vicki went to the grocery store. On my phone I found a place were we could get some placards made to place over the Shediac I sign with our MMSI number on it at both helm stations. I called them and they could do what needed to be done. I have only been looking for a place within walking distance of marinas since early in the trip. They were right across the street from the marina.

We returned to the boat where I measured the signs I needed made and then walked to the American Awards and Graphics place to place my order. He said he could get them made by this afternoon.

Now on to the job I am not fond of, changing the oil and filter. This job wouldn’t be such a pain but getting the oil out of this Ford Lehman engine is time consuming. Then, since the engine weeps a little oil and this oil ends up in the drip pan under the engine this has to be cleaned out so new oil absorption blankets can be installed.

The oil came out fairly easy this time though it is a slow process. Unfortunately I found that the drip pan was nearly full and it wasn’t all oil. It looked like a lot of oils since oil floats on water but under the layer of oil was several gallons of water. I looked around and found that water was dripping from the impeller housing so assumed that the cover over the impeller was leaking. After taking the soaked oil absorption blankets out of the drip pan we taped a wire hanger to the end of the oil sump pump hose to hold it under the engine into the drip pan and pumped out about three gallons of water and a gallon of oil. So now I had a leak from the raw water pump that needed attention. Instead of leaving tomorrow morning we will have to delay our departure by another day.

I finished the oil and filter change and all was well. Now a trip to the AYB office scheduled a mechanic to check out my leak problem and then I was able to run to the American Awards and Graphics place to pick up the placards that were finished. Thus drew to a close a day of celebration and frustration. Celebration because the oil change had been completed but frustration because we had a raw water leak to resolve.

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