May 3, 2016 – Tuesday – Atlantic Yacht Basin – No Travel

There was serious thunder and lighting all night long so we were glad to be undercover. Still, the pounding rain on the metal roof above our heads was very loud. It continued to rain throughout the day.

The mechanic showed up to replace the impeller and put new gaskets in it to stop the leak. This he did in short order and then we ran the engine to make sure all was well. It wasn’t. The leak was still there. Examining the area more completely it became obvious that the leak was from the raw water pump shaft so a seal must have been shot. We would have to replace the raw water pump.

The parts department called American Diesel right away and it turned out they did have the part and could send it out by UPS for arrival tomorrow. We were going to be at AYB for another day.


Sea To See was parked inside of this storage shed.  Beautious isn’t it?

Vicki got the opportunity to go to Walmart with Tom and Jane from Elizabear so she was able to pick up some more engine oil and a few other things. Engine oil at Walmart is much cheaper than purchasing the same thing at marinas.

The rest of the day was relaxing, reading and listening to the rain fall until later afternoon when the sun did come out for a short time.

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