May 4, 2016 – Wednesday – Atlantic Yacht Basin – No travel

There was more thunder, lightning and rain most of the night. We had a leisure morning as we were waiting for the raw water pump to arrive by UPS from American Diesel in Kilmarnock, VA.

As the covered storage sheds we were in have very long bays and boats are moored end to end it is designed for long range storage. Dockhands came along to inform us that they needed to get the second boat in front of us out so we moved out and around the float and stayed there for a few hours. We were able to move back in just after our part arrived. While we were waiting around Vicki did the laundry.


This is the storage shed in front of us after the  other two boats were pulled out.  This is the place we will store Sea To See when we come back to Orcas.  Not necessarily this bay.

The mechanic came to the boat to tell us he had some good news and perhaps some bad news. The part had arrived but he thought it wasn’t the right one. After looking at it carefully it seemed that it might work though it clearly was different from the one on the engine. He called American Diesel to see what the deal was and it turned out that it was the right part but that the design had been changed, perhaps for the better.

The pump was soon installed, the new impeller rescued from the old part and all was well. No leaks and plenty of cooling water pumped out the stern. Now to clean out the gallons of water that had dripped into the drip pan under the engine even though the sea cock had been turned off. This still had a sheen of oil floating on the top but under that it was all water. I used oil absorbtion blankets to clean the film of oil off of the surface and then pumped the water out of the pan, wiped it dry and replaced the oil absorption blankets in the bottom of the pan. Tada! We are ready to rock and roll.

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