May 6/7, 2016 – Friday/Saturday – Scheevel Shack and Back to Sunset Boating Center – No Travel


It rained all night along with thunder and lightning. We couldn’t hear much inside the house and that is certainly different than being on the boat. Everyone spent a leisurely morning visiting before we headed out to do some sightseeing in the rain.

The first stop was Jamestown, sight of the first successful settlement on North American soil by the British. We visited the interpretive center and watched an introductory movie before walking, in the rain, to the actual site of the town. There are not many actual artifacts in place at the sight but several archeological digs and reconstructed buildings. It was interesting to read the placards regarding these folks including John Smith and Pocahontas. History does come alive when you are able to visit actual locations and living conditions. It was imperative that I buy a book on the history of this place.


Jamestown Fort model on the grounds of the original site.


John was an amazing individual not only heading up the Jamestown settlement but later surveying and exploring all of Chesapeake Bay.


Ron and Vicki in front of the rebuilt Jamestown Church on the original site.  Inside are placards recounting many people from the historical account of Jamestown.  Of course church and state were one and the same at this time and King James had sanctioned the Virginia Charter and settlement

We drove a road in the area of Jamestown to get a better feel for the territory and then it was time for lunch at the Chickahominy House. There we experienced Miss Melinda’s Special which included Brunswick Stew, Old Virginia Hambiscuits, canned pear on lettuce, sweet iced tea and Coconut Pie.

Then it was off to Yorktown where we first visited a huge monument to the French in appreciation for their assistance during the Revolutionary War and particularly the battle of Yorktown.


iPhone picture that wouldn’t expand.  Monument to the French in appreciation for their assistance with the Revolutionary War

The story of the Yorktown battle is certainly enhanced by a visit to the battlefield where we saw the Redoubt #9 and #10 with the gun placements and the abatis ( buried logs like pencils aligned side by side with the points sticking out to repel the enemy). Dave drove us through the area where the march from Williamsburg to Yorktown took place.


Gun emplacements behind the #9 Redoubt.

While going along the waterfront we looked to the shore and there was Hokulani? This is a Hawaiian sailing catamaran canoe that was on a goodwill trip around the world and it had been just ahead of us on the AICW when we left Charleston, SC. We heard people talking on the radio with them as they were being towed. They have no independent propulsion other than sails. We went down to check it out and talk to a couple of members of the crew.

The sight seeing tour was completed with a visit to the park headquarters to see another movie explaining the history of the Battle of Yorktown. We had to stop in the gift shop to pick up a couple of books detailing the Yorktown setting.

We drove home in the rain to spend another enjoyable evening eating more of Maxine’s delicious meals, visiting and then watching some PBS serials we had never seen. All in all this was a very enjoyable day.


After a lazy start we headed out to see Colonial Williamsburg. This is quite an attraction. In the old town there are many restored buildings with activities approximating the original taking place.   The town “citizens” are dressed in period costumes and talk and behave as if they were living in the colonial period of the 1700’s. Three main attractions we visited were the Wythe House, Governors Palace and the Capitol Building. Each of these included guides who told us of the daily lives and the history in the making. We also toured the Duke of Gloucester Street where we saw a fife and drum corp and visited the Shoemaker, Weaver, Magazine, Powder Room and the Print Shop.


Bruton Parish Church – still operational today.


Ron and Vicki in George Washingtons pew within the Bruton Parish Church in Colonial Willamsburg.  George wasn’t here all of the time but when he was he had an assigned seat.


Docent at the Wythe House.  Wythe was a teacher of Thomas Jefferson among many other important roles.


Kitchen in the Wythe compound.  The kitchen was not in the house.


George Washington slept here – not sure if these were the bed covers.


Fascinating Cartography display.  Even though the maps were not accurate by todays standards they were amazingly well done considering the size of the territory.


Dave and map docent discussing cartography in the 1700’s


Governors Palace Entryway.  Very impressive


The Palace docent was very good and brought history alive.


Brings greater meaning to “Powder Room”


17th century warming oven.


Fife and drum corp performing on the Palace Green


Cobbler – he was really knowledgable about how shoe fitting took place when shoes were ordered from England.  Locally they could fit directly.


Williamsburg citizens


Amazing display of weaving/cloth making.

Lunch was found at the Chowning’s Tavern with Shepherds Pie and a roving violinist. This was followed by a stop at the “Craft” store, a stop at Dairy Queen and then we returned to the Scheevel Shack to pack for our return to the boat. On the way to Hampton we stopped at Harris Teeter for supplies and then it was to the boat and farewells to Dave and Maxine. Their warm hospitality and generosity will be long remembered.


Shepherds Pie  was enjoyed at this period tavern.


Maxine and Vicki waiting for the tour of the Capitol Building in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.


Replica of the Capital Building.


And the day ended with Hot Fudge Sundays at Dairy Queen.  There is a story behind this as this is something Dave and Vicki enjoyed doing together way back in the 70’s and 80’s.

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One thought on “May 6/7, 2016 – Friday/Saturday – Scheevel Shack and Back to Sunset Boating Center – No Travel

  1. Judy Ness

    Thanks for the great pictures. We visited that place several years ago and loved every minute of it. When are you coming home. We must get some dates on our calendars and enjoy each others company. You are both look wonderful!


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