May 12, 2016 – Thursday – Ingram Bay Marina to Calvert Marina, Solomon’s Island – 48.7 statute miles traveled

Knowing today would be about a seven hour run we left at 0730. Once out of the bay we found there was a small chop on our nose with winds fairly light and it stayed this way all day long so the ride was very comfortable. We were bucking a small current most of the way but it seemed to stay under 0.5 knots so wasn’t a major factor in our travel time.

When we pulled out of Ingram Bay it was very misty such that visibility was about one half mile. I could see an AIS target on the chart plotter about three quarters of a mile away and as out paths converged and then headed in the same direction this target stayed exactly three quarters of a mile ahead of us for the entire trip. I check the AIS data to find it was a sailboat. It was probably four hours later before the visibility improved enough to see the boat in the distance. About 30 miles into our trip we began running into quite a few sport fishing boats all seemingly congregated right in our path.

We pulled into Calvert Marina on Solomon’s Island to find out assigned slip was directly behind a Nordhaven with a couple from Bellingham aboard. Small world. We soon walked to Hidden Harbor Restaurant to have dinner. This is a little hole in the wall restaurant with about six tables. On one wall is a huge map of the USA on which people stick a pin on their hometown. While there were a few pins from Washington there was none from Orcas Island so we contributed to the project.

We returned to the boat and waited for dark when we watched the second installment of “Downton Abby”.

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