May 13/16, 2016 – Friday/Monday – Calvert Marina – No travel

FridayRain was forecast for the afternoon so I launched the dinghy and went exploring the harbor. It has many arms and so was fun to poke around. After doing this I returned to the boat to pick up Vicki and we dinghied to the Holiday Inn were we could park the dink for awhile and walk to a little shopping center. There wasn’t much there so we headed back to our home port just as it started to rain.

As it continued to rain we read and did some chores. One of the chores was to activate a debit card we had received from the State of Oklahoma as a tax refund for an oil/gas field investment there. As soon as it was activated Vicki pulled up a text message on her phone saying that the debit card had been locked and requesting more information including the card details. I complied and then just as I punched the button to send the information something didn’t seem right. I looked at the text message more carefully and found that it had two spelling errors in it. After giving the whole thing more thought we realized that the text message was a fishing scam and had nothing to do with activating the debit cards. It was just that the timing of the two was such that we had originally drawn the conclusion they were connected. Now what to do?

I spent the next hour an a half calling CoAmerica Bank, MasterCard, Bank of America and the Oklahoma Department of revenue and this was no small job on a Friday night after business hours. Finally I was able to get the debit card blocked and no one had tried to make a purchase with it yet so I think we saved the day. Another reminder to always be careful whenever any text, phone call or email asks for personal information. Arrrrgggghhhh!


Hidden Harbor Restaurant advertised a good breakfast so we decided to walk down there and check it out. Oooopppss! Mistake! While their dinner was just fine their breakfast left much to be desired. I would give them about a 3 on a scale of 10.

When we recovered from breakfast we took the dinghy across the harbor to the Calvert Marine Museum. As this is a fairly small town we did not expect much but this museum blew us away.   It had a wealth of topics and very nice displays across the board. It was another one of those museums that cannot be seen in just one visit. After we were saturated with information we toured more of the harbor and then returned to Sea To See as the wind was definitely picking up.


Drum Point Lighthouse exhibited at the Solomon’s Maritime Museum

We borrowed the courtesy car and went on a little safari to Food Lion and CVS. Vicki used her copy of the debit card from Oklahoma as even though it was the same refund they had issued her a totally different card with all different numbers. The card worked fine and still had money on it so we think we beat the scammers since my card was blocked.

It was sunny when we returned to the boat but soon after we were inundated with dark clouds, pouring rain and winds over 40 mph. Yikes! This passing cold front really packed a whollop. The rain tapered off but there was wind all night.


Wind continued throughout the day and was forecast to be 20-31 mph. This was a good day to do laundry.


We are still at Calvert Marina as the wind out on Chesapeake Bay is forecast for 16-24 mph. We borrowed the old Mercedes courtesy car and took another trip to the grocery store and the CVS.

I had forgotten to take my camera with us when we went to the Maritime Museum so decided to take the dinghy across the harbor to at least get an outside picture. After doing this I began to tour more of the harbor when the dinghy motor died. No matter what I tried to do to get it to go again it would not start. I finally rowed the dinghy back to our marina and put it up.


Sea To See at Calvert Marina in Solomon’s Islands.  The folks on the Nordhaven on the left are from Bellingham, Wa.  Loved the name of the Grand Banks on the right – “Nocandolah”

The rest of the day was spent in normal pursuits including filling the water tank with the good water on this dock. After dinner we watched the fifth episode of Downton Abby, the final season.

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One thought on “May 13/16, 2016 – Friday/Monday – Calvert Marina – No travel

  1. Lovely travel blog! I’m happy I discovered it, so I can read something curious, entertaining and informative while I take a break at work. Keep it up!


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